Disparity on commercial and residential air duct cleaning

While the primary aim is to filter and improve the air quality in a place, commercial and residential air duct cleaning system has an underlying difference.


Comparing disparities


Each air duct cleaning system used in our residential and commercial areas gets to cater for the heating and cooling process of the room. To know the disparity a professional help is needed.


  • An HVAC system residing in the home gets found very close to the ground and the building in place. Commercial ones find their way at the top of the building. It is done to give enough space and ventilation for experts when they carry out repairs.
  • Fixing a commercial duct cleaning needs to be done by a technician because of it is more technical to put in perspective than for residential ones. For example, a commercial HVAC system is stationed in a room while its dampers and other peripherals get located inside. On the other hand, nobody can say a residential cleaning duct shouldn’t be “split” with some on the inside, e.g., blower, evaporator and others like compressor and fan on the outside.


  • The technicality of fixing and having a commercial HVAC system hasn’t given room for residential services to be priced higher than them in any location.
  • Finding out the right equipment to use is very much dependent on the type of HVAC system in play. At some point, only a gas-powered vacuum can do the work in a both HVAC system by removing dust out of the pipe.
  • Another notable disparity would be the level of experience for those on the commercial and residential angle. Many believe the commercial technician is more equipped to take on more complicated jobs because of their training.


For your duct cleaning services in Ottawa, you will require a service company with a blend of both worlds. It enables you to have a high shot of getting your HVAC system fixed in record time and effectively too. Such will, in turn, means a better deal for the environment.


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