5 advantages of air duct cleaning in Ottawa

Here are five advantages of air duct cleaning in Ottawa. These vital cleanings decontaminate your HVAC system with regualr indoor air duct cleaning.

1) Save Money and Energy

Research shows that simply removing slightly under 1/2 inch of gathered dust from your heating and cooling coils can lower energy use by as much as 21%. This helps keep your heating and cooling systems working as designed and saving you money in the process.

2) Keep Your Systems Running

It is estimated that more than 90% of heating and cooling systems break down or quit working due to an absence of correct maintenance expenditures for repairing heating or cooling systems. Replacing HVAC systems can be pricey and even though regular air duct cleaning will cost you money, it is a lot less than what it would cost to replace the entire HVAC system that prematurely breaks down without proper maintenance.

3) Cleaner Air

Your home’s air quality is directly impacted by your heating and cooling system. Air duct cleaning is essential to healthy and clean indoor air. Irritants such as pollen animal dander, hair, dust and hazardous substances like mold, mildew and insect droppings which are regularly discovered in home heating and cooing air systems. Without regular cleaning these contaminates can be distributed throughout your home – infecting the air your family breathes.

4) Prevent Health Problems

Similar to above, regular cleaning can help prevent the spread of dangerous mold that can be very hazardous and lead to long term health problems such as Azhtma and the ellderly and young are especially vulnerable. Frequent air duct cleaning can help eliminate the spread of dangerous contagens.

5) Eliminate Odors

Build up of debris and contaminants in your heating and cooling system can produce some nasty smells and odors and without proper air duct cleaning, these smells will travel throughout your home. Within a short period of time, everything will end up smelling bad. Proper duct cleaning on a regular scheduled time frame will help to eliminate these odors and keep your home smelling great all the time.

There are more reasons to get our air ducts cleaned in your home and it is very affordable especially when you factor in your health and the cost of replacing an HVAC unit that breaks down from poor maintenance. With these five reasons alone it is a great idea to pick up the phone and give us a call to book your air duct cleaning in Ottawa. We’re here to help keep your home air quality top notch and your family safe.

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